The Eleventh Shaman


This wristband features eleven Turquoise spheres surrounded by eleven hemalyke toroids.



Wakanda Wishes in Gold Stone
TURQUOISE Aquarius Custom Jewelry

Goldstone Tradition

Hemalyke and Unstablized Natural Turqupoise make this 18 inch neck decor special

Strung on elastic to slide over the head.


Secure your place as Queen and ruler with this  inspired necklace.  Featuring porcelain beads with bi-cone spacers and silver-metal filigree accents .  24 inches including clasp.


Aquarius Custom Jewelry Binesi
Aquarius Custom Jewelry Eleventh Shaman

The traditional Celtic knot is worked into silver metal and strung with turquoise and silver lined Czech Glass beads Includes metal bar spacers with stamped design.  21-1/2" without clasp.


Faceted Goldstone pendant on necklace with Goldstone and Hemalyke accents


Eleven: the number of the vibrational frequency of balance. Elevens present themselves to those who are psychically connected.  In music a complete eleventh chord, will have almost every note in a diatonic scale and in creation the number eleven represents the balance of the sun and moon/ male and female.

Nine flattened spheres adorn the princess as she greets her people.  Red, Black and Green she wears her colors with pride! 

21 inch  necklace with matching earrings of magnasite, mountain jade and bi-cone crystals with silver metal filigree elements.


Wakanda Dreams Wakanda Princess jewelry
Aquarius Custom Jewelry Earth Tribe Style


Aquarius Custom Jewelry

Mystic Spirals are worked on silver metal beads.  these beads are evenly spaced between tubes of chalk turquoise .  A dime sized lozenge with the traditional spiral is the centerpiece of this 15 1/2" choker.



Aquarius Custom Jewelry Tetrach


Natural Turquoise

This beautiful necklace is made with turquoise dyed Magnasite beads, glass pearls and features a rectangular Magnasite pendant. 18" including clasp